Finding Jeanette


Me: Hi, guys! This is chapter nine of Finding Jeanette. Or as Jeanette herself stated, you get to see where she is!


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The Cage Gang

We see Jeanette being put in a new environment. “Dad! Daddy?” She called out for Manny, hoping he was near. She didn’t know where she was, she wanted her family, and she became more and more uncomfortable as she looked at her surroundings. She backed up, not realizing that something was behind her. She bumped into it and turned around and it was an assortment of creepy plastic skull heads. Jeanette screamed and ran straight into one of the walls in the place. Feeling trapped, she ran into several walls like a trapped fly going near a light. She eventually stopped, calming down a bit, and realized she was in… a big glass box?

She panted heavily, probably from being scared out of her mind or from running into the walls. “Bella?” She heard a male voice ask. “Huh?” She said, turning around. She walked towards the glass where she heard the voice. She heard him say something else, but couldn’t quite place it. Something about preparing an animal for surgery. She felt scared. Suddenly, he came in front of the glass. “Hello, little darlin’!” He said in a cheery voice. Jeanette screamed and hid behind a plastic tree. The man laughed. “Beauty, isn’t she? I found her struggling out in the wild, and I saved her. So has Max’s sedative kick in yet?” He asked a pet owner. Jeanette backed up again, and this time hit a motion activated spotlight. A crazy looking ferret coming towards her speaking almost complete gibberish. He got on top of the light. “My light.” He said. Jeanette unsteadily walked backwards until a female lizard came off of the glass. “He likes lights.” She said. Freaked out, Jeanette ran into tiny plastic Eiffel tower. She saw dark figures approaching her and could sort of make out their voices.

She whimpered and curled up into a ball. “Bonjour.” A male voice said in French. Jeanette screamed and ran out. An arm came out in front of her and stopped her. “Whoa. Slow down, little girl. There ain’t nothing to worry about.” A male rat chuckled. “Oh, she’s scared to death.” A female guinea pig said. “I wanna go home. Do you know where my dad is?” Jeanette asked, sounding like she was close to tears. “Honey, your dad’s probably at some other pet store.” The lizard named Lizzie said. She had a motherly tone in her voice that reminded Jeanette of her mother, Ellie. “Some other pet store?” She asked, confused. “Yeah, like, I’m from Paul’s rat farm.” Biggs the rat said.  (I just thought of some places. Some may not be real, so work with me) “Petsmart. “A mouse named Fluff chuckled.” Petsorama”Glow the ferret said. “Mail order!” Tina the guinea pig said. “EBay.” Lizzie said. Fluff put an arm around Jeanette’s shoulder. “So, which one is it?” He asked. “I’m from… the wild” She answered. Fluff nodded. “Ah, the wild. THE WILD!” Fluff screamed as he stared at his paws. “She hasn’t been decontaminated yet. Pierre!” He yelled and a little gerbil came out of the plastic Eiffel tower. “Oui?” He asked in French. “Clean her!” Fluff yelled. “Oui.” He replied. “Wild!” Fluff said, pointing at Jeanette. “Ah, le sauvage. Bon!” He said in French, and then made a popping noise with his mouth and cleaned Jeanette from head to toe, leaving a beautiful glow in her brunette fur. “Voilà! She is clean.” He walked back to his mini Eiffel tower and made another popping noise.

“So, the great outdoors. What’s it like?” Glow asked. Jeanette thought for a second. “Great and outdoors?” Jeanette said, not really sure how to answer that question. Glow gasped as if it was a huge surprise. “I knew it!” He exclaimed. Tina came next to Jeanette and grabbed her paw. “Kid, if you ever need to talk to your Auntie Tina, that’s me!” Tina said, laughing afterwards. “Or if I’m not around, you could talk to my sister, Chloe. Hi, how are you? Don’t listen to anything my sister says, she’s nuts!” She whispered to Jeanette, laughing again. She was actually talking about her reflection. Jeanette smiled as sweetly as she could, but thought about Brittany and Eleanor and how much they much miss her. Lizzie said something muffled against the glass. “Can’t hear you, Liz!” Biggs said. Lizzie unattached herself off the glass. “I said, we got a live one!” She said more clearly. “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.” Biggs said to himself.

“What’ve we got?” Fluff asked. “Surgery for Louie. And by the looks of those x-rays, it’s not gonna be pretty.” Louie whined as Dr Simmons popped his bone backinto place, but to them it sounded like screaming. Moments later, he gave the dog a sedative so he could perform the surgery. Jeanette didn’t understand what was going on. “Ooh, he’s using a scalpel.” Biggs commented. “That’s not a scalpel, those are sharp edged scissors.” Fluff argued. “It’s got one blade. Clearly a scalpel.”(Stupid, I know. I didn’t have much to work with.) 

” Scissors! ”


“Sciss-” Biggs attempted to argue back, but has mild stress attacks. “Oh, here I go. Little help, over here.” He said before passing out. Tina sighed in annoyance. “I’ll go help him.” She walked off screen. “Clear!” She yelled, shocking Biggs with the electronic pulsers. (I don’t know what they’re called)

Suddenly, a large bird smacked against the window outside. “What’d I miss? Am I late?” The bird asked. “Hey, Miguel! The doctor is doing a surgery for a dog.” Lizzie explained. “Broken leg, huh? Must’ve had to pop it back in its ligament. Hello, who’s this?” He asked, referring to Jeanette. “New girl.” Tina said, laughing. “The doc took her from the wild’s hunting grounds.” Fluff explained. “An outie! From my neck of the woods, eh? Sorry if I ever took a snap at you. Rodents gonna frolic, birds gotta eat.” He told a scared Jeanette. “Hey, hey, hey! Those aren’t you’re rodents, they’re my rodents! Go, go on, shoo!” He shut the window after the bird flew away. He then picked up a picture of a little girl. “Aw, the picture broke. This is Lila. She’s my niece. She’s gonna be eight this week.” He walked over to the cage and the other rodents rushed out of sight. “Hey, little darling. This is gonna be your new mommy. You’re her present. It’s our little secret.” He set it down in front of Jeanette and the cage gang came up behind her and Dr Simmons had a garbage bag in his hand. “Oh, Lila.” Biggs said. “What? What’s wrong with her?” Jeanette asked. “She wouldn’t stop shaking the container.” Fluff explained. The camera dramatically closes up on a picture of a dead chinchilla in plastic container and holes in the top lid. “Poor Chad.” Biggs said. “He was her present last year!” Tina sobbed. “Hitched a ride to the dump.” Biggs said as the garbage truck beeped outside and Dr Simmons came inside.

Jeanette started hyperventilating again. “I can’t go with that girl! I have to get back to my mom and dad!” Jeanette tried running backwards, but was caught in a suction tube. “Daddy! Help me!” She screamed. “Oh, she’s stuck!” The cage gang went to their new friend in panic. “Nobody touch her!” A male voice yelled. Out of the shadows came a muscular hamster, (don’t laugh at me, I know it sounds silly.) And the others backed up and he approached a struggling Jeanette. “Nobody touch her.” He said quietly. Jeanette strained and squirmed. “Can you help me?” She asked. “No. You got yourself in there, you can get yourself out.” He explained. “Phil.” Tina began to say. “I just wanna see her do it, okay?” He turned his attention to Jeanette, who still had difficulty. “Calm down. Alternate moving your paws and your tail.” He instructed. “I can’t! I have a bad leg!” She explained. “Never stopped me.” Phil said, turning to face her. Jeanette gasped, he had scars on his entire right side. “Just think about what you need to do.” Jeanette understood, and gave it all her might. In seconds, she pulled free and looked proud of herself. “Perfect.” Phil said, knowing she had it in her. It was clear he was very wise. “Good squirming!” Tina said. “Wow, the wild. Just like you, Phil.” Lizzie said to her friend. “Yeah.” Phil replied, lost in thought. Lizzie chuckled. “I’ve seen that look before. What are you thinking about?” She wondered out loud. “I’m thinkin’, tonight we give the kid a proper reception. He replied.” So, kid. You got a name or what? “Biggs asked.” Jeanette. I’m Jeanette. “She introduced.

Oh, finally done! That only took me forever. I hope you enjoyed and please read the previous eight chapters and I’ll have chapter ten in a couple of days. Bye, guys.


Finding Jeanette



This chapter is interesting. Meet the vegetarian wolves. I’ll try to get the story finished. I love writing it, but it’s so long… I hope you enjoy!

Manny stood in front of the wolf, feeling absolutely terrified. Strangely, he was much larger than Manny, and was a huge muscular wolf with a toothy grin and terrifying eyes. “Well, hi!” Carli said, stepping up in front of Manny and waving. “Name’s Brian.” Brian said, extending a large clawed paw. Manny gasped in fear, holding Ellie and his daughters close to him. “It’s alright, I understand. Why trust a wolf, right?” He said, stepping backwards and chomping his teeth at them. Manny screamed, some gasped in terror and Crash and Eddie played dead. Brian got a good laugh out of it. “So, what’s a bunch of bites like you doing out after curfew?” He asked, looking at everyone. “Nothing! We’re not doing anything. We’re not even out-” Manny rambled. “Great! Why don’t you join me on a little, a little get together we’re having?” Brian said, making Manny feel suspicious. “You mean like a party?” Carli asked. “Yeah, yeah, right. A party.” He chuckled. “What do you say?”

“Oh, I love parties! That sounds like fun!” Carli exclaimed. Manny took her paw in his trunk. “You know what, parties are fun, and it’s tempting. But-” Brian put his paws on their backs and pushed them forward. “Aw, come on! I insist!” Brian said. “Okay. That’s all that matters.” Manny said uncomfortably. “Hey, look, fireworks! It is a party!” Carli said, actually pointing to dynamite with a plunger next to it. Brian laughed. “Mind your distance, though. Those fireworks can be a bit dodgy. Wouldn’t want any of them to blow.” As they got closer, Manny began to whimper. It was a very terrifying environment. The explosives, the trees that looked like they could grab you with their branches, and worst of all, a old abandoned building came into view with two more wolves circling around. Manny gasped. “Doug, Spike!” Brian yelled. “There you are, Brian, finally!” One said. “We’ve got company.” Brian said, referring to the herd. Manny’s whimpers became louder. “It’s about time!” The other wolf said. “We’ve already gone through all the schitchel and I’m still starving!” A smaller one said, coming out from behind him. “We almost had a feeding frenzy.” The bigger one said. “Come on, let’s get this over with.” The smaller one said, opening his mouth. A bell dinged and Manny opened his eyes, realizing him and his family were in the abandoned building. “Alright, this meeting has officially come to order. Let us all say the pledge.” The wolves raised their paws and spoke in unison. “I am a nice wolf, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself.” They said. Manny looked around awkwardly, Carli had her arm raised, and the other wolves named Doug and Spike sounded absolutely bored. “Other animals belong on the friend train, not the food chain.” The wolves concluded. “Except stinkin dolphins!” Spike said. “Dolphins, yeah! They think they’re so cute! Oh, look at me I’m a little dolphin! Let me flip for you, I’m smarter than you, we’ll survive longer!” Spike laughed at Doug’s impression. “Okay. Today’s meeting is on step five: bring a little friend. Now do you all have your friends?” Brian asked. “Got mine.” Spike said, lifting one of his front legs and Scrat was shown shivering and looking around. “Hey there!” Carli waved. Manny looked at the little squirrel like he looked firmiliar. (hee hee hee! 😀 ) “What about you, Doug?” Brian asked. “Oh, um, I seemed to misplace my uh, friend.” He answered, then a rabbit skeleton came out of his mouth. Manny gasped and whimpered after Doug sucked it back in. “That’s alright, Doug! I had a feeling this would be a difficult step. You can help yourself to one of my friends.” Doug scooted closer to Manny and Manny tried not to show how uncomfortable he was. “Alright, I’ll start the ceremony. Hello, my name is Brian.”

“Hello Brian.” Spike and Doug said in unison, once again looking bored out of their minds. “It’s been three weeks since my last mouse. On my honor, or my I be mounted on a wall.” Brian said. His started clapping. “You’re an inspiration to all of us!” Doug said. “Amen.” Spike said. “Alright, anyone else?” Brian asked. “Oh! Pick me, pick me!” Carli yelled, raising her arm. “Yes, the little darling in the front!” He pointed at Carli. “Whoo!” She exclaimed. “Come on up here.” She did as told. “Hi, I’m Carli.” She introduced. “Hi, Carli.” Everyone but Manny said. “And uh, well. I, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten another animal.” She said, chuckling slightly afterwards. “Good on you, darling!” Brian said while his friends clapped. Carli sighed. “I’m glad I got that off my chest.” She said. “Anyone else? How bout you, comrade? What’s your problem?” He asked Manny, and Doug elbowed him. “Me? I don’t, I don’t have a problem.” Manny said, exasperated. “Oh, okay.” Brian shrugged. “Denial.” The wolves said in unison. “Just start with your name.” Brian said as Manny looked really nervous. “Okay. Hello, my name is Manny. I’m a mammoth. In my village, I’m considered a comedian.”

“No, no!” Crash and Eddie whispered. Ellie and Diego smacked their foreheads. “A comedian, really?!” Doug shouted. “Go on, tell us a joke!” Brian said, him and Spike pushing Doug out the way. “Ooh, I love jokes.” Doug said. “Okay, I do know one that’s pretty good.” Someone in the herd’s part of the audience gave an awkward cough. “Right. Um, there was this olive, and normally they don’t talk, olives, but in a joke, everyone talks.” Manny  said as Ellie looked around nervously and the wolves’ smiles slowly disappeared. “And a waiter walks by. And the waiter says to the olive-” Manny paused and stared at something in the distance. It was the hat from the hunter that took Jeanette! “Jeanette!” Manny said. “Jeanette, Jeanette!” Doug laughed, clapping. “I don’t get it.” He said. “For a so-called comedian, he’s not that funny.” Brian mumbled. “No, no, no. She’s my daughter. She, she was taken by these Hunters.” Carli gasped. “Oh, no. You poor mammoth.”

“Humans, think they know everything.” Doug commented. “Probably American.” Spike added. “Now there’s a father looking for his little girl.” Brian said, starting to cry. “Ugh, what do these markings mean?” Manny said, grunting in frustration. “I never knew my father!” Brian yelled, sobbing. “Come here, group hug.” Doug said. “I can’t read human!” Manny said, aggravated. “Well, we have to find a animal who can read this. Hey look, wolves!” Carli said, walking towards them as Manny looked alarmed. “Carli, wait!” He yelled, grabbing a rubber band that was in the hat. “Hey, that’s mine! Gimme. Gimme!” Manny accidentally let go, hitting her in the nose. “Ow! Oh, ow, ow, ow.” Carli exclaimed. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry.” Manny apologized. “You really clocked me there. Am I bleeding?” The scent of her blood was airborne. “Carli, are you okay-” Brian inhaled the scent of Carli’s blood, and his pupils dilated. “That’s good.” Spike and Doug looked at each other in alarm. “Intervention!” They yelled. They tackled Brian, who was struggling. “Will you hold it together, comrade? Remember, friends belong on the friend train, not the food chain!” Doug struggled, but it was no use. “FOOD!” Brian yelled. Manny pushed his family into a safe cave and the door shut behind them. Brian banged against the door, so there wasn’t much time to escape. “There’s gotta be a way out! There’s gotta be a way to escape!” Manny panicked. “Look, here’s something! Es-car-pe!” Carli said, pronouncing it funny. “That’s funny, It’s spelled just like the word escape.” She said. “Let’s go!” Manny said, pulling everyone. Brian got through. “Here’s Brian!” He yelled in a scary way. “Wait a minute. You can read?” Manny asked. “I can read? That’s right, I can read!” Carli shouted. “Well then, here! Read this now!” Brian broke through the ceiling and the herd now went into a loaded cannon. “Oh, no! It’s blocked!” Manny yelled in panic. Luckily, they were safe from Brian. “I need to get that hat!” Manny said, indicating the hat in between Brian’s teeth. “You want that hat, okay!” Carli said, pressing the lever above them. Everyone screamed. “No, no, no, no, no!” Manny screamed. “Quick, grab the hat, grab it!” Manny said. They ran into another cave. Brian threw the cannon ball into the fireworks. “Oh, no. Brian?” Doug said. “What?” Brian asked, snapping out of it. He then gasped. “Run away, run away!” The wolves went out of sight. “Aw, is the party over?” Carli asked. The cannon ball hit the firework plunger, and the shockwave knocked out the herd and blew leaves off the trees and one bird’s feathers. The naked bird crossed his legs, embarrassed.

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Finding Jeanette



I’m getting my chapters confused! ARGGH! This is chapter 7 and here I introduce Carli, this story’s version of Dory. Stay tuned and note that this is a fictional story, so the facts that go in here may not be accurate. But it’s beautiful entertainment. I hope you enjoy!

Meeting Carli

Manny panted heavily. He had to find her. He searched their surroundings and called his daughter’s name. “Jeanette! Jeanette! No, please, no!” It was hopeless to keep screaming her name, So he swam out further until the Millers reached another village miles away. They decided to ask around, hoping they knew which direction the boat went. “Has anyone seen a boat? Please! A red boat! They took my daughter! My daughter! Help me, please!” Manny cried out desperately. He then heard a voice screaming. “Look out!” Manny and the woman screamed, and she accidentally ran into his leg, knocking him down and causing him to hit his head. “Oh…” Manny moaned. The female moaned and rubbed her head. She was a beaver with blonde fur. “Oh, oh, sorry! I didn’t see you, sir! Are you okay?” She asked. As Manny muttered,  Carli walked close to him. “There, there. It’s alright it’s going to be okay.” She assured. “No, no. I have to find the boat!” Carli gasped, seeming to know something. “A boat! Hey, I’ve seen a boat!” She exclaimed. “You have?” Manny asked. “Uh-huh, it passed by not too long ago.” She said. “A red one?” Manny asked, looking for it. “Hi, I’m Carli.” She introduced herself, extending her paw. “Where, which way?” Manny asked, panicked. “Ooh, ooh, ooh! Um, this way! It went this way! Follow me!” She yelled, telling them to follow. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” Manny said gratefully. “Thank you, sweetheart!” Ellie thanked. “No problem!” Carli said, leading the way. Eventually, she looked behind her and went a bit faster. Manny looked at Carli, confused at her sudden behavior. She looked behind her again and ran even faster. “Hey! Wait!” Manny yelled as everyone tried catching up. They ran around trees, rocks, and eventually Sid fell in a pond. Manny panted, finally caught up right behind her when she stopped and stared at them firmly. Everyone skidded to a halt, some bumping into each other. “Will you quit it? Trying to walk here. What, the continent isn’t big enough or something like that? Is there a problem, buddy? Huh, huh?” Carli said, getting defensive. “Huh?” Manny asked, confused at her behavior. “Do ya, do ya, do ya? Want a piece of me? Ooh, ooh. I’m scared now. What?” She asked. “Wait a minute.” Manny said. “Stop following me, okay!” She yelled. Manny was completely confused now. “What are you talking about? You were showing me and my family were the boat went!” He reminded. “A boat? Hey, I’ve seen a boat! It passed by not too long ago. This way! It went this way, follow me!” She repeated. “Wait a minute, wait a minute! What is going on? You already told me where the boat is going!” He started getting frustrated. “I did? Oh, no…” She said. “If this is some kind of practical joke, it’s not funny! It’s not even cute!” He yelled. “No, sir. It’s not, I know it’s not. I am so sorry. See, I suffer from short term memory loss.” She explained. “Short term memory loss?” Manny asked skeptically. Carli smiled and nodded. “I don’t believe this!” Manny said, turning away to leave. “No, it’s true! I forget things almost instantly, it runs in my family. Well, at least, at least I think it does. Hmm, where are they?” Manny gave her a really confused look. She smiled and turned back to his direction. “Can I help you?” She asked. “Something’s wrong with you. Really. You’re wasting my time. I have to find my daughter.” Ellie stopped her husband right in his tracks. “Wait, wait! Manny. This girl looks like she can help us.” She tried to encourage. “No, she won’t because she’s forgetful and will get us lost.” Manny whispered to her stubbornly. “Mmm-hmm. And you happen to know where we’re going?” Ellie asked, raising an eyebrow. Manny attempted to argue, but instead gave a growl of frustration and realized Ellie was right, yet still continued to be stubborn. “No means no. We’ll never find Jeanette with her leading. I’m going to go find her.” Manny turned around and Ellie glared at him. As soon as he turned around, a large wolf stood in front of him and he gasped in fear. “Hello.” He said in heavy Russian accent.

I really hope that was enjoyable. Next chapter I’m introducing new characters! Carli, as I’ve stated previously, is this story’s version of Dory. Carli is actually a very good friend of mine who doesn’t actually have short term memory loss. Hee hee hee! 🙂  I’ll see if I can fit her personality in here. Enjoy and I’ll keep posting!

Finding Jeanette


Hello, guys! I’m sorry I took so long with this chapter. School sucks. I’m getting my chapters confused. This is chapter five. Well, here’s Jeanette gets kidnapped. Enjoy!

As Manny continued talking, the students looked completely bored. Until one saw something in the distance. “Oh my gosh! Jeanette’s running towards the hunting grounds!” She lisped. Manny gasped.” Jeanette! What do you think you’re doing?! “He yelled. She wasn’t listening and continued to walk further.” You’re gonna get stuck out there and I’m gonna have to get you before another animal does! “Jeanette looked at the massive boat in front of her. She gained confidence and dove into the water. As soon as she heard Manny’s voice, she stopped.” STOP! You take one more move, missy… “He warned, pointing his trunk at her. Jeanette faced Manny glaring and raised her arm, threatening to disobey.” Don’t you dare! If you put one paw on that boat! Are you listening to me? Don’t, touch, the b-” Jeanette slapped the side of the boat, making her father enraged. “JEANETTE!” He yelled. “She touched the butt.” Matt whispered. “You just walk your little tail right back here, Jeanette. That’s right! You are in big trouble, young lady. Do you hear me? Big!” Manny was cut off by a dark figure approaching from behind his daughter. Jeanette rolled her eyes in annoyance as she tried walking back. “Big…” Manny said, terrified. Ruby screamed. Jeanette turned around, finally realizing she’s in danger. “Daddy! Help me!” She screamed, running around. “I’m coming, Jeanette!” He started running for her, but another figure came in front of him and Manny felt trapped. The teacher got the students to safety. Jeanette ran into the net. “Oh, no, no! Dad! Daddy!” She yelled. Manny was trying to get away, but was trapped and the figure snapped a photo. The flash blinded him. “Ooh! Jeanette!” Manny panted. His vision was still blurry and he bumped into several trees. “Jeanette!” He yelled. Once his vision came into focus, he ran after with the others followed. “Jeanette, no! No, please, no!” Manny yelled. The boat started its engine and everyone screamed as water splashed the family trying to get their little girl back. Before the scene ends, the camera closes up on Manny. His little girl was just taken from him. His little nine year old princess. Who could have taken her?

Another chapter is done! When I was nine, I ran away from home and my parents found me and were so furious. So, luckily she’s not me. Ha ha ha! 😀 Well, I hope you enjoyed!

Finding Jeanette

Hi, guys! I’m back and I promise you that this story will get more exciting. Enjoy!


The Switchback Cove

“Hey guys, wait up!” Jeanette yelled, running towards them. She stopped when she looked in their direction as they looked out in the open. “Whoa. Pretty.” She said in awe. The boys smirked and Matt pushed Ruby. “Saved your life!” Matt yelled. Ruby passed gas and looked deeply embarrassed. “Aw, you guys made me fart!” Ruby said. The boys laughed. “What’s that?” Jeanette asked, pointing at a hunting net in the distance. “Oh, I know what that is! People see that all the time! They say it’s called a, uh, a rope net!” “What’s it attached to?” Jeanette asked. “A butt (boat).” Matt said. “Oh, wow. That’s a pretty big butt.” Ruby said. Stuart walked out and was a couple feet away from the others. “Oh, look at me! I’m gonna go touch the butt. WHOA!” Stuart sneezed and exclaimed as he flew backwards. All three of the kids laughed at his misfortune. “Oh, yeah? Let’s see you get closer.” Stuart challenged. “Okay.” Ruby walked slightly closer to it than Stuart. “Beat that!” She said smugly. Matt walked a bit farther. “Come on, Jeanette. How far can you go?” Matt asked. “Oh, um, my dad says it’s not safe.” Jeanette hesitated. “JEANETTE, NO!” Manny shouted from behind her. It seemed like a weird coincidence. “Dad?” Jeanette asked. Manny pushed her out of the way. “You were about to run into the open!” Manny said, misunderstanding. Manny and Jeanette start talking over one another. “It’s just a good thing I was here.” Manny scolded. “But, Dad, no! No, I wasn’t gonna go out there!” Jeanette tried to explain. Manny didn’t listen, he instead continued to scold. “If I hadn’t shown up, I don’t know what-” Manny was cut off by the children. “Sir, she wasn’t gonna go!” Ruby tried to explain. The kids ran behind her. “Yeah, she was too afraid!” Matt said. “No, I wasn’t!” Jeanette said, angrily turning around to face Matt. Manny was once again too stubborn to listen. “This doesn’t concern you kids, and you’re lucky I don’t tell your parents you were out there.” Manny turned his attention to Jeanette. “You know you can’t run well!” Manny said. Jeanette really started getting angry. “I can run just fine, Dad, okay?!” Jeanette yelled. She attracted attention from the entire class and her siblings stepped out to see what’s going on. “No, it’s not okay. You shouldn’t be anywhere near here! Look, I was right. You’ll start school again in a year or two.” He said, grabbing Jeanette’s paw. She roughly and angrily pulled out of his grasp. “No, Dad! Just cause y-you’re scared of the world.” Manny cut her off. “You’re not ready, and you’re not coming back until you are. You think you can do these things, but you just can’t, Jeanette!” Manny yelled. Jeanette looked down. “I hate you.” She said softly. Everyone looked shocked. Manny had a look of shock and pain on his face. Brittany and Eleanor approached her. “Jeanette, you don’t mean that.” Brittany said, pleading her. Jeanette only gave her a cold glare. “Yes, I do.” She said. “I understand your frustration, Jenny Bear-” Jeanette cut Brittany off. “No, you don’t! You all think I’m the weakest person on earth!” She yelled. “No, we-” Eleanor tried to reassure, but was cut off. “Yes, you do! All you care about is yourselves.” She snapped. Brittany and Eleanor were trying not to cry. What happened to sweet little Jeanette Miller? “There’s… Nothing to see.” Gather, uh, over there! Excuse me, I am a scientist, sir. Is there any problem? “Mr. Rhinoson asked. Manny snapped himself out of it.” Look I’m sorry to interrupt things. It’s just, she isn’t a good runner. She can’t even walk well. And I think it’s a little too soon for her to be out here unsupervised.” Manny stated his concern. Jeanette looked over to the boat and glared at Manny. It was clear she was about to do something she’ll regret.

Poor Brittany and Eleanor. I feel sorry for Manny as well. Although, he always has to learn to not be so over-protective. Well, I hope you enjoyed! You’re awesome, Bye!




Finding Jeanette

Hi, everyone! Today is my birthday! And what better way to spend it than to write you guys a story. I’ll try to get the story done soon, I promise. Here’s First day of school, enjoy and feel free to review!

Manny and Jeanette poked their heads out of the door and looked around. “Okay, you’re excited. First day of school, here we go. We’re ready to learn to get some knowledge. Now, what’s the first rule we must remember about the big world?” Manny leaned in to hear Jeanette. “It’s not safe.” She answered. “That’s my girl. First, we check to see if the coast is clear. We go out and back in.” Jeanette followed her father’s motions of going in and out of the door. “Out and back in. One more time, out and back in.” Jeanette walked forward ahead of Manny and he was still continuing. “And sometimes, if you wanna do it four times-” Manny said, probably stalling. “Dad…” Jeanette said impatiently. “Alright, come on, sweetheart.” Manny caught up with his daughter. The rest of the family is walking the kids to school, but Manny and Jeanette’s conversation is in focus. “Dad, maybe while I’m at school, I’ll see wolves!” Jeanette said, excited about the possibility of seeing something exciting. Especially after being in the family treehouse and no where else for three months. “I highly doubt that, sweetie.” Manny said, picking her up and placing her beside him, but Jeanette still continued to run ahead. “Have you ever met a wolf?” Jeanette asked. “No, and I don’t plan to.” Manny said, picturing being chased by a pack of wolves. “How old are tortoises?” Jeanette asked. Manny seemed surprised at the question. “Tortoises? I don’t know.” Manny said, trying to stay by his energetic daughter and protect her. “I watched a science documentary on TV, and the scientists said that tortoises t-they live to be about 130 years old!” Jeanette said, stuttering a little. Manny actually thought it was cute. As a father, he learned to be patient with how many questions a energetic child such as Jeanette could ask. “Well, I’m not sure their that accurate. But if I meet a tortoise, I’ll ask him. After I’m done talking to the wolf, okay?” Manny put his trunk in front of Jeanette protectively as they were about to cross the street. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on, wait to cross.” The crossing chameleon stopped the rushing animals and as they crossed, Manny held his trunk out. “Hold my trunk, hold my trunk.” Manny said as Jeanette gave him her paw. “Dad, you’re not gonna freak out like you did at the aquarium, are you?” Jeanette asked. “Hey that dolphin was getting very snappy and was about to charge. Darn dolphins, always think they’re so smart.” Manny said. They walked together, Manny was still holding Jeanette’s paw. “Hmm, I wonder where we’re supposed to go.” Manny muttered to himself. “Come on, let’s try over there.” Manny told Jeanette. Three men were laughing together as Manny and Jeanette approached. “Excuse me. Is this where we meet her teacher?” Manny asked. “Well, look who’s out of the treehouse.” One dad pointed out. “Yes, shocking, I know.” Manny said. “Melvin, right?” He asked. “Manny.” Manny corrected. “Kevin, Stu, Will.” The fathers introduced. “Hey, I’ve heard of you. I heard you’re a funny guy. Hey, tell us a joke.” Will said. “Yeah!” The others agreed. “Well, actually, that’s a rumor. I’m no funnier than any other person in this village.” Manny said. “Aw, come on, buddy.” Will said. “Yeah, say something funny.” Kevin said. “Yeah!” Stu said. “Okay, I know one joke.” Manny chuckled. Jeanette rolled her eyes. “There was an olive. And he walked- well, he doesn’t walk up he would hop up. Olives don’t have a gender nor can they move, obviously.” Jeanette smiled nervously at the adults, feeling a bit embarrassed at her father’s failing joke. “So, the olive asked the waiter- no wait, I mixed up. There was an olive and a waiter. None of them are talking, so forget that I-” The other adults looked either bored or confused. Stu interrupted Manny. “STUART! GET OUT OF MR. JOHNSON’S YARD NOW!” He yelled at his son. The playing children screamed when an angry old mole came out of his burrow. “Alright, you kids! Where’d you go? Oh, where’d you go?” The poor blind mole said. Manny looked at the scene in front of them. Jeanette seemed amazed. “Dad, Dad! Can I go play too, Can I?” Jeanette asked. “I’d feel better if you go over and play by the mushrooms.” Manny said, pointing over to the little children. One baby fell off and started crying as his mother looked concerned. Jeanette frowned at Manny. “That’s where I would play.” Manny assured. The kids came beside their parents laughing. “What’s wrong with her leg? And what are those on her face?” A little aardvark named Ruby said, pointing out Jeanette’s glasses and injuries on her right leg. Stu slapped Stuart with his tail. “Ow! Hey, what’d I do, what’d I do?” He asked. “Be nice! It’s her first time at this school.” Stu scolded.”She has had a lot of injuries, kids. We call it her lucky foot.” Manny said. “Dad…” Jeanette said through gritted teeth. “See this leg? It’s actually a bit bigger than my other three. But you can’t really tell. Especially if I twirl. Whee!” Ruby explained. “I’m O2 (oxygen) intolerant. Achoo!” Stuart, a glyptodon said and sneezed away. “I’m obnoxious.” A beaver named Matt said. They heard singing as a bus came towards them. “Mr. Rhinoson!” The children shouted. “Come on, Jeanette!” Stuart said. Jeanette tried to follow him and Manny stopped her by putting his trunk on her back. “Whoa. You better stay with me.” He said. The kids walked up to the teacher. Manny tried to hug Jeanette. “Dad, you can go now.” She whispered. “Oh, hello! Who is this?” Mr. Rhinoson asked. “I’m Jeanette.” She introduced herself. “Well, Jeanette. All new students must answer a science question.” Mr. Rhinoson said. “Okay.” Jeanette said. “You live in what kind of home?” He asked. “Eukapalpata. Ah-eukapapalipa.” Jeanette stuttered, mispronouncing the word. “Okay, okay. Don’t hurt yourself. Welcome aboard, explorer!” Manny stood beside him. “Just so you know, she has a scarred leg. I find it if she has trouble walking, let her take a break. Ten, fifteen minutes.” Manny suggested. “Dad, it’s time for you to go now.” Jeanette said, embarrassed. “Don’t worry. We’ll stay together as a group. Alright class, remain seated and remember, we keep our paws, hooves, feet to ourselves. That means you, James.” Mr. Rhinoson instructed. “Aw, man!” James said. “Bye girls!” Manny called out to his daughters, waving. “Bye, Dad!” They yelled back. “Bye, sweetheart!”Manny yelled. “Be safe.” He said to himself. The other fathers walked behind him. “Hey, you’re doing pretty well after all that stress.” Stu commented. “Well, you can’t hold on to them forever, can you?” Manny replied. “Yes, I had a tough time with my oldest when he went to the Switchback Cove.” Will said. The other dads nodded. Manny continued talking until he found out where the class was going. “They just have to grow up- THE SWITCHBACK COVE?! THEY’RE GOING TO SWITCHBACK COVE?! What are you, insane?! Why not just barbeque ’em up now and serve them with fries?!” Manny overreacted. “Jeez, Manny. Calm down.” Stu said. “Don’t tell me to be calm, turtle boy!” Manny yelled. The rest of the Millers sighed and followed Manny. “Turtle boy?” Stu asked himself. “You know, for a so-called comedian, he really isn’t that funny.” Will said to his friends. “Pity.” Kevin said as the others nodded.

Manny never learns to be less over-protective, does he? Ray Romano voices Manny and he is actually really funny! I think the personalities between characters and voice actors are accurate. Well, i hope you enjoyed reading, because there’s more coming your way! Bye, guys!